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Why we created ChineseHomework.ie

"Having learned Chinese the hard way, using a dictionary, some teach yourself course books and living in China for 3 years I had an in depth knowledge of why Chinese was seen as such a difficult language to master." Robin Rynhart (Founder ChineseHomework.ie)

"ChineseHomework.ie is the culmination of years of practice and research into how to learn only exactly what you need to progress quickly with Chinese. Avoiding all the common pitfalls keeping the focus on easy acquisition and early practice."

What we have done

We have removed all the unecessary hurdles to learning a language. Now the young learner's enthusiasm is channelled into achieving success in the shortest amount of time and for the least amount of effort.

Define "success"?. Success is feeling like you can use the Chinese you have learned. Achieving success early motivates you to expand your knowledge to the remaining Chinese curriculum without it feeling so difficult.

How we did it

We applied modern language teaching methods using todays technology to create a web based platform that allows a flipped classroom solution.

Lowering Hurdles

We focus on the top 600 spoken Chinese words. This is enough to give us 80% of everyday spoken Chinese.
All our dialogues are typical of a Irish students daily encounters. This creates many opportunities to use what has been learned.
Vocabulary definitions and clear pronunciations are only a hover and click away, at all times. No dictionary work needed.

Flipped Classroom

The "flipped classroom" approach is core to ChineseHomework. Rather than asking teachers to deliver more, we offer a more efficient model. Giving children the ability to self study Chinese content at home, in a fun way. Goal oriented, with user friendly tools. This allows teachers to use class time to "activate" the language learned. The real efficiency is achieved as a result of students Chinese being activated, that is, transformed into a working language inside their mind. This makes it fun, it makes it stick, it creates a mental framework that is much much easier to build upon.

Teachers can see at a glance of their Teacher Dashboard which students have learned today's material, how successfully they have learned it and what if any issues they may be having with it. They can then create task based classroom activities for students to put "last nights lesson" into practice.

It could be as simple as students in pairs, re-enacting the dialogue in different characters, ( a granny voice and a Big Bad Wolf voice ), or with a slightly different task than that of the dialogue itself.

In this way, a teacher becomes a facilitator rather than an instructor. They can focus on bringing the Chinese out of the students, encouraging them to speak freely and to make lots of mistakes. (Correcting is for multiple repeats of an engrained error only.)

Please take a look at our Teacher Resource page for further guidance on the flipped classroom and how to activate and facilitate language learning during class time.

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