A comment on Chinese through Chinese.

All classroom activities can be delivered through Chinese !

However its very important to avoid erecting a Great Wall to the learning experience.
We strongly recommend creating a solid grounding for ALL of your students in the Chinese you wish to use to deliver instructions. Before you start using those instructions.

Consider giving students an opportunity to "be the teacher" in setting up your activities (through Chinese). Using "If you can't deliver it, you don't know it." as your guide to assessing how well they understand.
When each student has had a go at giving instruction through Chinese they'll have better attention and comprehension for receiving and understanding such instructions.

Our new training page has the most uptodate version of these activity explanations along with some support video content.

Role Play

The most frequently used method to get students using their freshly acquired language is to have them perform the dialogue in groups of two or three as the dialogue requires.

Because this method is used so often its necessary to vary it regularly.
  1. Putting on character voices.
  2. Changing the main subject of the dialogue to force improvisation.

In all these variations the function of the teacher is to
  1. Maintain order and focus. Keep the duration just a little shorter than students might expect or want.
  2. Ensure that everyone is speaking their part clearly and that errors are not mocked.

Perform a Task

1. Students write down the three questions on the board with a space for names under each question.

2. Students walk around the class asking as many people as possible any one of the three questions. Only one question per person.

3. When a person matches a question such as "Are peas your favorite vegetable?" The student puts that persons' name next to that question.

The student with the most matches wins the game

This is good for practicing asking questions and getting everyone to come out of their shell to at least ask the three questions.
Its better if you can design questions that require more discussion than yes no answers.

Variation : Put the students in smaller groups and then select some to introduce one of their fellow students based on what they have learned.

1. Display a set of similar images on the board, (or with handouts).

2. Select one in your mind.

3. Have the students ask questions to figure out the which image is the chosen image.

This is a simple activity where you can very easily limit the vocab and phrases to match recent lessons

Variation : Let a student do the choosing and answering.

1. In pairs or larger groups have a student (or Teacher) describe a picture with as many details as possible

2. Students can ask as many questions as they like during this activity. How tall is this? How many? What colour?

3. You can experiment with letting the students ask in English at first, then Chinese once they get to a sufficient level

4. Who ever is dictating can watch the picture drawing process and try to give enougn information for the students to get as close to the original picture as possible.

5. Show the best or most interesting matches at the end

Variation :Vary complexity and time available, and of course always stay on the recent dialogue topic

In groups of three students choose to be Speaker A,B and C

1. Speaker A talks to B and C about the topic on the board, for three minutes.

2. Speaker B talks to A and C about the same topic, also for three minutes. Repeat for Speaker C

3. Every three mintues teacher says "Next speaker"

4. After third time, teacher says "Switch". Speaker A becomes B, B becomes C and C becomes A.

5. Repeat steps 1. to 4. but using two minute intervals. Same topic though.

6. Repeat steps 1. to 4. but using one minute intervals. Same topic.

The first time you do this you might just start at two minutes.

This is all about creating listening and speaking fluency, and learning from each other


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