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Top of the class Congratulations to our pilot class students. They performed exceptionally well in their HSK 2 test, scoring 70% on average.
- Jan 2020

Not bad for 3 months work with just 2hrs class time + 2hrs home study each week.

Using ChinseseHomework.ie with our flipped classroom approach is twice as effective as traditional methods in terms of effort required and outcome achieved.

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We provide the most efficient path to succeeding at Chinese.


HanYu ShuiPing KaoShi (HSK)

The HSK is the China state exam for Mandarin. There are 6 levels. The Dept. of Education Chinese Specification for Leaving Certificate estimates a language equivalence of HSK 3 CEFR A1. TY students completing our course will have HSK 3 before beginning Senior Cycle. We predict these students will push the honours grade to HSK 4 levels.

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Efficiency Leads To Motivation.

By removing all unnecessary hurdles we create rapid and sustainable progress which feeds into long term motivation.

Click the image to try a lesson for yourself. See how easy it is to self-study.

Teacher Dashboard

Shared Success.

Our Teacher Dashboard gives accurate and objective assessment.

Task based in-class activities promote teamwork and results in a great communicative experience, aka Fun.

We will take you to HSK 2 in under 6 months. With HSK 3 achievable within 10 months for some. You'll be speaking and reading fluently within everyday topics.

ChineseHomework.ie will build your cultural awareness while you learn to communicate freely in Mandarin Chinese. You will learn quickly, effectively and sound just like a local.
Robin Rynhart
Mr. Rynhart
TY Chinese Teacher, Kilmartin Education Services, Limerick.

Online Teacher Training

Our free online training explains the how and why of ChineseHomework. Once the online training is completed a teacher can request our Training Seminar to learn more about how to run the in-class part, the Task Based Activities.

Online and Seminar Training Page

Ireland and China both have a rich and ancient past but also are young and vibrant countries. With our similar family values and sense of humour Irish and Chinese people work well together, easily building understanding and growing mutually beneficial relationships.
Julie Kilmartin
Julie Kilmartin
Founder, Kilmartin Educational Services.

Simple everyday spoken Chinese.

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